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Tree Treatments in Plymouth

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A tree goes through a lot in its lifetime. While asking for so little, trees provide shade, shelter, fruit and oxygen, all the while adding tremendous beauty and presence to any property.

However, certain factors can threaten to kill your tree before its time. Tree diseases, such as Dutch Elm Disease, and insect infestations can take their toll on the health of your tree. Overtime, tree growth can be totally stinted, ultimately leading to weakening of its structure and even a collapse. This can present a significant danger for a home or business owner, and would require a controlled removal.

The good news is that with early recognition and proper treatment, trees can be restored to health. By properly addressing the problem in a timely way, the tree on your Plymouth property can resume its life of service.

When you need effective, dependable tree treatment service in Plymouth, look no further than the expertise of Trees By Forrest.

As a team of full-service certified arborists, we have a great knowledge of trees native to Minnesota as well as diseases that frequently plague them. We can instantly and accurately diagnose your tree, and treat your tree using safe and effective problems.

In no time, your tree will be on the road to recovery.

If you’re concerned about the health or appearance of a tree on your property, don’t wait for it to become a bigger problem. Call Trees By Forrest today for a free estimate!

Signs Your Plymouth Tree Needs Treatment

If you’ve found yourself asking “What’s wrong with my tree?” you’ve come to the right place!

There are many visual signs that will indicate a sick tree.

While Trees By Forrest will provide a professional diagnosis upon arrival at your property, here are a few indicators that will let you know when our services might be needed.

Start from the ground up. In the roots, look for signs of damage or decay, or ground heaving up around the tree. Fungi such as mushrooms can also indicate tree disease.

As you move up the trunk, look for bark that is peeling or loose. Swelling or cavities in the tree are additional signs of tree damage.

Finally, look up to the canopy, which is the upper portion of the tree. Are there dead or dying branches, or sections without growth? Is there leaf discoloration or deterioration, or is the tree’s flowers or fruit looking unusual?

Noticing any of these means it’s likely your tree is diseased.

Reach out to Trees By Forrest today—we will quickly provide a diagnosis so we can immediately proceed to treating your sick tree!

Our Tree Treatments

Trees By Forrest has a wide selection of the most modern and effective tree treatment products available on the market today. Our certified arborists act quickly and meticulously to ensure quick results.

We use tree sprays for insect and disease control. By extremely careful, timed application and selection of the correct spray, we can remedy your tree problems while minimizing the amount of chemicals required.

Trees By Forrest removes trees only as a last resort—if the tree has died and is presenting a danger, for instance. However, if a tree is diseased, we will do everything in our power to bring it back to health.

Call Trees By Forrest with any tree inquiries—we’ll give you a free quote!