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Did your parents or teacher ever read you The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein when you were a kid? Man, I loved that book when I was in grade school. It’s bittersweet, to say the least.

Today, it seems different from how I remember it. It makes me think of the real-life trees that we see all over Plymouth. They give us so much: beautiful scenery, shade to lie in, produce to eat. Yet most people don’t think twice about them as they pass by.

I’m not like most people. That’s why I started Trees By Forrest. The trees we spend our years with are special. They’re unique. They deserve to be cared for properly. When they’re healthy and growing strong, they should be trimmed properly. When they’re sick and old, they should be felled. And it’s important to trust an arborist who understands the difference.

All of us at Trees By Forrest are proud to honor the trees you share your lives with by providing the best tree service in Plymouth. From tree felling to trimming and pruning to stump grinding, we care for the entire life cycle of the beloved oak in your backyard or the Douglas Fir outside your Plymouth business.

Services We Offer

Any landscaping company can plant a tree, but only a trained arborist is equipped with the knowledge and equipment to perform specialized services like the following:

Tree Felling

Trees can live for a long time. But that assumes they’re in a state of good health. A lack of good nutrients in the soil, or competition from other trees in the same area, trauma from lightning strikes, or infestation by invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer can all cause your tree to sicken or die.

When that happens, call an expert to safely topple your tree without causing damage to your surrounding house or property.

Stump Grinding and Root Removal

After the tree has been safely cut down, it’s important to remove the stump. This isn’t something you can do with a shovel on a Saturday afternoon—older trees have extensive root structures that can stretch surprisingly far and be very hard to eradicate.

We quickly remove tree stumps and remove what we can of the roots so that you can fill in your backyard again and re-plant sod over it.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Growth isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes your tree will put out branches where they don’t belong. Maybe it’s grown a branch into a shady corner of your property, and so the leaves won’t get the sunlight they need. In some cases, we’ve seen tree branches grow through windows!

Your trees and shrubs need regular trimming to stay healthy. Trust Trees By Forrest to do it.

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The trees that line your Plymouth property give you so much. Isn’t it time you gave them back something in return? Call Trees By Forrest, Plymouth’s certified expert arborist for a free estimate or to learn more about what we do!